Want More?

If you want personalized attention for YOU and YOUR BOOK specifically, I have made a coaching option available.

This course does offer you a LOT of help — and really, everything you need.

But sometimes people feel better with my one-on-one help, and working with you hand-in-hand to mold your book for success.

I’ve done this with a few people now and the results have been FANTASTIC.

One of my clients got to #14 free for her book and built up a nice sized list.

Another one became a triple-bestseller in a few hours, then stayed at an Amazon bestseller ranking of #2,000 PAID for a while.

I also help people who don’t have books yet, and just want me to help structure out exactly what they should write about and then how to make money from their book after. For example, if you already have a business and want to get more leads, I can help you figure out how to best do that.

I’m going to keep this open as long as I enjoy it, so if you come back and it isn’t here, it is gone. 🙂

Here’s how this works:

We will have two 60-minute calls together to address you and your particular needs. This may look like:

–  You get a clear road map for your next book…

– You figure out exactly how to structure your book for maximum profits…

– We make your marketing materials much more sales-getting…

– You pick my brain on ANYTHING internet marketing.

Each call will also come with a week’s worth of follow up, where you can email me questions and I’ll respond ASAP.

Your investment for this is $997 – just a fraction of what you could be earning per month with Kindle, once you have that clear road map.

Sign up for it right here:

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