Questions and Answers

People have been writing in and asking questions. I’ve been making videos to address them.

Here’s the first batch:

1. Do you avoid topics that require pics for example recipe books, if not where do you get them.

2. What’s your timetable for writing a book, how long on average does it take and what’s average number of words.

3. Do you do one draft then proofread and book is ready to go or are there several revisions to get it to ready to launch stage.

4. How do you proofread book yourself.

5. How do you create a cover yourself.

6. If you find sales drop off dramatically after rising price do you lower it or just keep it at that price.

7. Is it possible to customise book sample.

8. Is it possible to track if people who download sample convert to buyers.

9. Can you upload a revised version of the book, if so are there any negatives to doing so.

My video response is right here:

Other questions:

1. Is it better to search on for a niche?

For Kindle books, I think so.

2. When looking for patterns do you just check first page of results?

Yes – I just look at the first page of results, as long as there are 500 or less results showing, because I know I can rank for that. 🙂

3. Do you look for one book idea at a time or do you like find several so know what will be working on next?

I recommend starting with one at a time until you have a system down. 🙂

4. If writing book yourself how do you find info?

If i don’t know the info, I outsource it – but getting books at the library is VERY helpful. ♥

After you go through the course, if you have questions, let me know. If I haven’t covered something, I’ll be happy to do so. 🙂

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